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Endless Summer
"When I took this leap of faith, I had no idea that photography would become sort of the art form of this generation"
 Travel photographer Gray Malin’s style is instantly recognizable. Replete with sunshine, color and whimsy, Malin’s body of work over the last decade includes shots of balloons on llamas in
the desert, aerial views of beach umbrellas and sun-kissed shores in cotton candy colors, evoking a nostalgic sense of beauty and harmony that has delighted his 440,000 followers on Instagram.
Photos Courtesy Of: Gray Malin
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A little over a decade ago Malin, 35, was selling black and white photos from a trip to Europe out of a booth at a Los Angeles flea market.
He got to know his customers and realized that for many, the art world was stuffy and unapproachable and vowed to change that.

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