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He earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree at Julliard School in New York, releasing a record — his first of 11 albums — when he was just 17.
Batiste’s talent quickly drew attention; he has shared the stage with artists such as Prince, Stevie Wonder, Willie Nelson and Mavis Staples, and performed in South Africa, London, Lisbon, Spain, Paris, and at Carnegie Hall in 2007.
Fresh off a Grammy win in 2020 for the song “Soul” from the Disney film of the same name, for which he also won an Oscar for best score, Batiste began working on a new album, 2021’s We Are. Given the solemn backdrop of events during that year, Batiste created an uplifting masterpiece, a testimony to what brings people together and to our shared humanity.
“Jazz can accommodate so many things. Jazz is like the universe: it's been expanding since its creation, and it's connected to everything.”
     Photos Courtesy Of: Christian Cody, John Abbott, Residency+Paradoxal |53

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