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Around the Globe
Keukenhof Garden, Netherlands
The history of the garden dates back to the 15th century. In 1949 a group of leading flower bulb growers agreed to use the estate to exhibit spring- flowering bulbs, signaling the birth of Keukenhof, as a spring park.
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  Versailles Gardens, France
 French landscape architect André Le Nôtre is the mastermind behind the magnificent gardens. King Louis XIV tasked him with the monumental project in 1661, and it took about 40 years and the
work of thousands of men to finish it.
   Saihoji, Japan
    Majorelle Garden, Morocco
  The 8.6-acre moss garden has been designated a national special place of scenic beauty and historic site. It is also registered as one of UNESCO's "Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto".
The lush ground is one of Marrakech’s most beautiful sights. Created in the 1920s by French artist Jacques Majorelle, the two- and-a-half acre garden is filled with trees, flowers and shrubs from around the world.

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