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Let's Get WL O U D
hen I think about some of the most accomplished artists in the world, Jennifer Lopez is at the top. Talk about a long list of titles: dancer,
singer, actress, director, producer, businesswoman, fashion icon, influencer, mother — I could really keep going. After an abundance of brilliant shining moments that we all remember, including her starring role in Selena, her appearances in the green Versace dress, her album release J.Lo, her residency Vegas show All I Have, her critically acclaimed performance in Hustlers, and her over-the-top, edgy Super Bowl halftime performance alongside Shakira, what’s clear is that Lopez knows how to run the show. She kills it every time — whether on stage or on screen — with her glamorous, talented and entertaining performances leaving viewers inspired and wanting more.
It’s an honor to have Jennifer Lopez #OnTheCover of our special 29th edition. For years, this hardworking, genuine and self-made artist has transported us into a world of no limits. A world where we are all
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