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  George Clooney, Sandra Bullock
 “There has always been a really levelheaded, smart, funny girl you feel like you know. As if she was the cool girl next to you in school.” — George Clooney
 But there’s so much more to Bullock, as we’ve seen over the years. She’s won accolades for more serious roles in Gravity, an Oscar and a Golden Globe for The Blind Side, as well as many others throughout her career.
More recently, she’s become one of Netflix’s brightest stars, with huge audiences drawn to her amazing performances in 2018’s post-apocalyptic thriller Bird Box, and 2021’s The Unforgivable.
Bullock’s next project is the action thriller The Lost City bringing her back to her comedic roots this spring with costars Daniel Radcliff, Channing Tatum and Brad Pitt.
But beyond the fame and awards, Bullock’s a devoted mother and philanthropist.
She’s literally given millions to the Red Cross and other charities as an example to her two young children: If you have enough to share, you have enough to spare.
May Sandra continue to soar in 2022 and beyond!
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