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  Over the span of his 60-year career, Brian Cox has played a variety of notable characters. Back in 1986 he was the first actor to plan Hannibal Lecter in Manhunter, he’s been King Lear on stage, Hermann Goering in 2001’s
Nuremberg and Winston Churchill in 2017’s Churchill, winning Golden Globe, Emmy and BAFTA Awards along the way.
But the 75-year-old Scottish actor, a recipient of the CBE, is enjoying a resurgence in popularity for his portrayal of the tyrannical Logan Roy on the dark comedy series Succession. His performance once again has audiences captivated.
Success and
“I’ve never been bored in my life. It’s been too busy to be bored. But that’s also what the imagination does – you’re never bored.”
  With three seasons of the popular show under his belt and a fourth to begin filming in 2022, Cox is riding a new crest of fame that he finds both amusing and delightful. While he’s nothing like the character he portrays, besides a fondness for salty language, Cox clearly revels in the role.
He’s also just released an autobiography, Putting The Rabbit In The Hat which details his youth in Dundee, rise to fame, and is replete with amusing anecdotes about costars told with searing honesty and caustic wit.
And with seven projects in various stages of production, he very well may need to start work on a sequel, further documenting a remarkable life and an amazing body of work.
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