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But her growing fan base exploded in 1999 when she released her first album, On the 6, which broke new ground in Latin pop music in the United States.
Lopez followed that up with her second album, J.Lo, in 2001, coinciding with her starring role alongside Owen Wilson in The Wedding Planner, and became the first woman to have a number one film and album in the same week.
Suddenly Jennifer Lopez was everywhere — on the radio, in the club, on the silver screen — as her status as a pop culture icon began to solidify.
Several successful films and hit albums followed, as did a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, a Billboard Icon award, and other accolades leading up to her 2016 to 2018
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residency in Las Vegas, titled “Jennifer Lopez: All I Have” which grossed $101.9 million after 120 performances.
And while she worked her magic on stage and screen, Lopez also became a designer, launching highly successful clothing, perfume, and accessory lines which contributed to a net worth Forbes estimates to be around $400 million.
As Lopez enters her 50s, she is uniquely poised, both personally and career-wise, to take her achievements to previously uncharted levels.
In 2019, Lopez embarked on a 32-show tour in celebration of her 50th birthday, performing nationally and internationally from June to mid-August.
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