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OIn Full Force
cean Blue shines the spotlight on three global influencers recognized as experts in design, gastronomy and entertainment. Giving it all they have, in full force, there’s no doubt these personalities take center stage in being Highly Influential.
Jazz Rodríguez
Jazz Rodríguez, founder of Haute Galleria, knows a thing or two about style and design. Every adventure with this influencer is an experience of stylish pursuit inspired by renowned Mexican designers. Then, when it comes to interior design and artwork, Rodríguez has the inside scoop on all the latest collections.
Chef Poncho Cadena
S @donponchocadena
tep into Chef Poncho Cadena’s world of fantasies, smells, flavors and textures.
Restaurateur of four phenomenal dining establishments and talented television host on popular shows including Netflix's Iron Chef, this authentic celebrity chef is without a doubt, one to watch.
Sandra Echeverría
After a successful career in various films and television series, it only gets better for Mexican actress and singer Sandra Echeverría with the news of her latest role as the iconic María Félix in the biographical series La Doña. Her 2.6 million Instagram followers are highly anticipating its release set for late 2022.
Photos Courtesy Of: Jazz Rodríguez, Chef Poncho Cadena, @sandraecheverriaoficial 12 |

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