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rad Pitt had me at “Excuse me ma’am” in his break-through film Thelma and Louise starring as cowboy J.D. In Legends of the Fall, the movie that was said to solidify his
reputation as a lead actor, he became my legend. It was later on in 2001 when the Ocean's Eleven sequels began that I was absolutely captivated.
Brad Pitt is screen acting at its best. His vast range of works are timeless masterpieces where he truly accomplishes an emotional connection with his audience. After an infinite collection of globally credited films, combined with his generous support for humanitarian causes and a revered public image, it’s clear to say he’s a living legend who has found his calling.
In my book, Pitt particularly excels in roles that demand extensive physical training. Whether it was months of strenuous mountain climbing in Seven Years in Tibet, boxing and taekwondo training in Fight Club, or sword practice to the extreme in Troy, Pitt becomes the master, persisting and overcoming all obstacles. Furthermore, his art for tackling accents — from Southern to Irish to Austrian — is both admirable and believable,
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