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 Pitt later told the Oscar press that he planned on disappearing for a while to “make things,” and that’s exactly what he has done.
Although he appears in three films this year, The Lost City, Bullet Train and Babylon, he’s more about being behind the camera as a producer with 66-and-counting producing credits under his belt, paying his good fortune forward to young actors.
In addition to his chosen profession, Pitt has discovered there are other ways to tell stories.
Pitt’s passion for architecture and design is keen, and it's understandable. There’s an alchemy to it, as there is to storytelling, that can turn houses into homes, turn
function into beauty, transforming lines and materials into something more; a frame for our lives.
The challenge of making those lives more beautiful, sustainable and socially just are threads that run through to Pitt’s core. These values have also translated themselves into a devotion to philanthropy and a strong desire to simply make this world a better place for others not blessed with his good fortune.
Whereas films are slices of time, his philanthropic work sets a foundation that can be a catalyst for change, whether it be handing out boxes of food to the poor in Los Angeles, funding refugee agencies, and joining the Not On Our Watch campaign, which aims to prevent genocide in Darfur.
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