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At 47, Adolfo Cambiaso has risen to the upper echelons of his sport, although you would never know it from his humble demeanor. The world’s top polo player, and arguably the greatest of all time, Cambiaso has been winning tournaments
since 1990.
His awards and accolades in the sport he grew up with are endless, and include 10 wins at the world’s most important polo tournament, the Abierto de Polo de Palermo. He has held a 10-goal handicap since 1994.
Yet Cambiaso gives much of the credit for his success to his beloved horses whose power marries well with his own strategic eye and extraordinarily deft abilities.
He started his own team, La Dolfina, at the age of 25, as well as a breeding business which currently comprises more than 1,000 horses.
Although Cambiaso is building a polo empire, he is more focused on building a legacy for his family — both his son and one of his daughters play and excel at the sport — which he cherishes above all else.
On the polo pitch he may be the greatest of all time, but the refreshingly humble Cambiaso will always be a husband and father first.
“intuition is what makes the Best players.”
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