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   WThe Moke is Back!
Exhilarating Underwater Experience
Distinguished by a long tail and advanced wing design, the Super Sub is the most hydrodynamic sub on the market. A best-in-class propulsion system
with four powerful thrusters delivers a total of 60 KW allowing for steep 30-degree climbs and dives. The result is the smoothest underwater experience, capable of diving to depths of 300 meters, all while maintaining an almost 360-degree view.
hat started as a 1950s British military vehicle, the classic
Moke quickly evolved into an iconic beach cruiser beloved by surfers and celebrities alike. Today the Moke has been reinvented with an all-electric powertrain and modern engineering, while still remaining true to its classic British roots. Now called the eMoke, this eco-friendly beach buggy is primed and ready for fun in the sun.
     ELike Snowboarding in Powder
xperience a pure and hydrodynamic carving machine for the
ultimate challenge. The RÄVIK S 22 allows riders to challenge themselves on an electric surfboard like never before, to push harder, jump higher, turn sharper and ride faster.
  Take The Wheel
The Slingshot looks, sounds, and drives like nothing else on the road. Each one is as unique as its driver, serving as the ultimate platform for self-expression. Drivers and passengers get a front-row seat to every twist and turn. With a low center of gravity, open cockpit and one rear wheel, the Slingshot is built to turn the open road into a great adventure.
Photos Courtesy Of: West Coast Moke, U-Boat Worx, Awake Boards, Polaris
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