CIHUAH: The Fusion of Architecture & Fashion

A Mexican clothing brand for women who dare.

The concept of “less is more” has been proven by Vanessa Guckel, the French architect, founder, and creative director of Cihuah, who visualized architecture as an exhibition window with the idea of the contemporary woman in mind and which has perfectly fit into her designs.

Guckel has appropriated the word elegance by choosing simplicity, a very valuable fashion concept. She worked for several architectural firms before turning to fashion design. Today, with the understanding that, much like a building, “clothes are the spaces in which the human body lives”, Vanessa has created a unique and striking image that reflects an interplay between architectural concepts and fashion. The name Cihuah comes from the Nahuatl word for “woman” and recognizes and acknowledges the indigenous women who create traditional craft designs, from their ancient knowledge and culture.

The brand pays tribute to the creative woman, to the tradition, to the ancestral knowledge, and to the basic geometric patterns of indigenous Mexican clothing, while creating a contemporary look that always tends to a black and white timeless vision. Its architectural concept takes advantage of the geometric shapes with a means to vanish curves or body flaws.

Cihuah has been awarded three times by Vogue ‘Who’s on Next Mexico’ runner prize, Quorum Design Award, Best Woman Entrepreneurship and brand success, and as Best Fashion Runway, among others. All Cihuah’s collections were launched in the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Mexico.

If you are a modern, elegant, and refined women, who has a liking to dress with taste and style, and like risking to try on new proposals, Cihuah is the brand for you.


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