The World of Ocean Blue


It is here our followers and readers experience the world of global luxury, through cutting-edge print and digital platforms.

Ocean Blue Magazine, a luxury style magazine, reaches a targeted international, niche market through world-wide distribution. It is here that brands mingle amongst some of the finest, internationally sought after products and services.

Ocean Blue’s Digital World delivers our partner’s messages to our esteemed followers thorough Ocean Blue World’s social networks, shared and dedicated permission-based email marketing and branded video content, sharing desired content in real-time.

Ocean Blue World’s Events and Experiences are designed to further propel our parterns messages through exceptional experiences, each custom designed by an expert team of event and promotion marketers in North America, Europe and Asia.

Ocean Blue World’s philanthropic activities help to realize dreams through #MakeItHappen events. Profiled in print and digitally, Ocean Blue World’s #MakeItHappen supports the awareness and success of global charities where celebrities, art and gastronomy come together.

Our collection of Ocean Blue Toys are unlike anything you’ll find in the average toy box. Our Ocean Blue Yacht and Private Jets await as the perfect venues for hosting exceptional, one-of-a-kind experiences for our partners, readers and followers.

As experts in event planning and experiential marketing, we Welcome you to Ocean Blue World.