Quantum Leap

Sphere displaying beautiful effects in Las Vegas

“This whole place feels like a distortion pedal on the mind”


When Sphere’s 580,000-square-foot screen lit up for the first time on Independence Day 2023, Las Vegas and the world were left with mouths agape. ”Hello World,” the screen announced before a series of stunning visuals depicting fireworks and custom animations graced a canvas created with 1.2 million LEDs, the largest in the world.

At 366 feet tall and 516 feet wide this state-of-the-art, immersive auditorium which seats over 18,000 is a true feat of architecture-meets-technology, and pushes the limits of both.

Inside, a screen the size of two soccer fields is coupled with 160,000 speakers and haptic technology designed to provide scent, wind and temperature changes to enhance the audience’s multi-dimensional experience. 

“Sphere is the main character in Las Vegas right now.”

— The Verge

In September, U2 kicked off a six-month residency in the much-hyped venue, and the series of concerts was met with rave reviews for both the performances and the venue, which Rolling Stone called “a quantum leap forward for concerts.” 

With similar projects being proposed in other major cities, Sphere has clearly redefined the concert-going experience, heralding the future of entertainment.

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