Stores of the Art, Foster + Partners Awe-Inspiring Apple Stores

Apple, Paris

Situated on Paris’ Champs-Élysées, the original detailing of the historic building has been restored and seamlessly incorporated within the design, juxtaposed with contemporary interior spaces. The entrance is via a beautiful 19th century Parisian passage, with display spaces on either side. It leads to a newly revived courtyard with large mature trees that create an almost external and natural setting and unique Kaleidoscope solar roof-light, featuring mirrored pyramids that reflect dappled sunlight onto the internal façades and floor below.

Apple, Macao

The store is conceptualized as a ‘paper lantern’ that glows mysteriously. Carved out of a densely planted bamboo forest, the plaza forms an oasis of tranquility that draws people into the site, creating pedestrian connections between the surrounding buildings for the first time. Visitors entering the store are treated to a magical experience, surrounded by glowing stone panels that shimmer throughout the day as the sun brings them to life, while at night the cube radiates a warm glow, contrasting against the bright lights of Macau. 

Apple, Istanbul

The store is crowned by a spectacular illuminated glass lantern set in a reflecting pool of water – this provides the jewel-like centerpiece of the shopping center’s crescent plan and acts as a light well, drawing daylight deep into the subterranean retail levels. The luminous ceiling panels were developed especially for the store and emit a calm, seamless, even glow. The panels conceal acoustic absorbency and maximizes flexibility and can be easily lowered to allow access to the ceiling above.

Apple, Milan

Located near Corso Vittorio Emanuele – the popular pedestrian streets in Milan – visitors are drawn towards the piazza by the sight of the dramatic fountain. People enter the fountain through a glass-covered entrance enveloped by the sights and sounds of vertical jets of water that splash against the glass walls. An immersive recreation of the childhood game of running through fountains, the experience changes throughout the day as sunlight filters through the water, while at night the glass ceiling creates a kaleidoscopic effect.

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