The Rise Of EV Americas

Anthony Hitt, President and CEO of EV Americas
Anthony Hitt, President and CEO of EV Americas

Engel & Völkers, the globally operational luxury real estate network offering residential, commercial, yachting and aviation services, is making leaps and bounds throughout all corners of the world. A particularly exciting location experiencing phenomenal growth and expansion is the Americas region. President and CEO of Engel & Völkers Americas, Anthony Hitt, invited Ocean Blue into the headquarters office in Park Avenue, New York, for a behind the scenes look into the establishment and skyrocketing success of Engel & Völkers Americas.

Hamburg, Germany - 1977
E & V Park Avenue office, New York

“As the real estate market evolves, our commitment to our license partners and advisors, as well as the clients and communities they serve, continues to be the driving force behind our business.”

– Anthony Hitt
E&V real estate Agent

After the early beginnings in 1977 from Hamburg, Germany, the iconic legacy brand added the Americas to their network in 2013 and began franchising in the U.S. Multiple shops in high-profile markets quickly opened up including those within Las Vegas, California, Colorado, Utah, Florida, Texas, Canada, Los Cabos, Mexico City and more. Today, the over 300 Americas locations are focused on servicing the clients of tomorrow offering invaluable industry contributions and unique luxury real estate experiences to both members and clients alike. Leaving an indelible mark of excellence, their spirit of collaboration over competition is reinforced with renowned partners including Juwai, Special Olympics, Dom Pérignon and Stanley Stella. Recently, their annual EVX event took to the stage in Las Vegas uniting leaders, innovators and enthusiasts for dynamic discussions and insightful exchanges on industry trends.

Closely connected to the nearly 6,500 passionate Americas advisors (and the overall 16,432 members in 956 shops working under the brand) is the Engel & Völkers Los Cabos shop led by Vanessa Fukunaga. There is simply no stopping Engel & Völkers Americas as they continue their journey of doing whatever it takes to be the best.

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