AMA Ocean Ball

AMA Ocean Ball Jewels of the Sea

AMA Foundation, a marine conservation foundation, with the mission to improve, protect and save the seas.

AMA FOUNDATION is a marine conservation foundation in Baja California, registered in Mexico and the United States. It was founded by by Sonia Falcone, with the mission to improve, protect and save the seas, as well as creating an ecological environment in Baja California. It financially supports marine conservation partners already in place and spreads awareness as to the crucial work they do. Starting with the waters of the Sea of Cortez where many of the world’s whales migrate annually to reproduce, AMA’s goal is to look after Baja. AMA operates with an ethos of transparency and respect for the oceans, recognising that they provide 99% of the planet’s living space, with an estimated 50-80% of all life on earth found beneath the ocean surface. The word ‘ama’ means ‘Lady in Charge’ and AMA Foundation seeks to represent the status of the ocean as an entity to be respected and cared for, so she in turn can continue to do her own magnificent job.

This past weekend the AMA Foundation hosted it’s first fundraising gala, AMA Ocean Ball, at Las Ventanas al Paraíso, a Rosewood Resort, in San José del Cabo. The Chair of the event is the world renowned designer Tamara Ralph and the Co Chair are TTRRHH Prince and Princess of Orleans, duques of Anjou and Cadaval, and  former supermodel, Christina Estrada. The event was filled glitter and glamour that sparkled into the evening, with over-the-top entertainment, special guest appearances, and a live auction.

The Ball will be repeated annually with increased guests and fundraising targets. The marine conservation beneficiaries selected will continue their work throughout the year, with boosted resources and potential thanks to AMA’s financial support and awareness campaign that will benefit the whole community.

Sponsors included Louis Xlll, Daniel Espinosa, and the trendsetters for all magnificent tablescapes and event settings – Del Cabo Event Design.

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