Amber Lounge Singapore

At Amber Lounge Singapore, guests will step into a world where time only exists moment to moment. Where excitement, enjoyment and entertainment are all that’s on their minds. Where the only thing they need to know is what time the alluring night begins.

This year, iconic luxury brand CHANEL will display their stunning Monsieur Haute Horlogerie range to Amber Lounge guests. Their fine watchmaking and technical excellence will be admired and celebrated at the most sought-after F1 party destination.

It’s expected that the CHANEL’S signature presence of elegance, style and timelessness, which is unique to our Singapore event, will bring a new vibrancy to Amber Lounge.

The exquisite finely crafted Swiss-made watches will no doubt make time stand still for Amber Lounge guests in the exotic Asian destination. After all, in the glamorous world of Formula 1, time is everything; lap time, strategy timing and capturing the ideal moment for the overtake.

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