Gala de Danza 2018

A Breathtaking Gala de Danza 2018 at the Viceroy Los Cabos

Combining masterful artists and dancers amidst the iconic background of the future Viceroy Los Cabos, Gala de Danza 2018 was a glorious occasion.


Guests enjoyed the on-stage performance of a wide range of world-renowned artists, from the balcony of their hotel suites with canapés and champagne.

With the feeling of an open air amphitheater, framed by the stunning architecture of the hotel and the Sea of Cortez, this legendary gala astounded all viewers present.

With the strings of the harp hanging 150 feet from the building, the harp of the Earth interpreted by William Close with percussionist Shawn Barry offered amazing sound throughout.

Mezzo Soprano, Denyce Graves, boldy opened Gala de Danza with a superb tone that echoed throughout the spectacular location. Ms. Graves also played “Carmen” with the beautiful international Latin sensation, Antonina Skobina.

The main dancers, Beckanne Sisk and Chase O’Connell shone in their performance while wonderfully commanding 60 swans that appeared in the water. In their choreography of the classic Tchaikovsky Lake of the Swans, Maxim Beloserkovsky and Irina Dvorovenko were visions to behold.

The talented local community also played a major role in Gala de Danza. Juliano Nunes’ and Morgan Lugo’s interpretation of “Back Forward Back,” along with Angelina Jordan’s, and young dancer Tate McRae’s duo of “Back to Black” by Amy Winehouse, left the audience speechless with amazement.

Enrique Bejarano, a young talent discovered in Mexico, performed two pieces including “Toreador,” which was a tribute to his father. He also danced “Giselle” with maturity beyond his years. The graduate student of the Princess Grace Academy in Monaco, Shale Wagman, also danced and choreographed a stunning piece.

New York City Ballet Principal Dancer Tiler Peck, played “Who Cares” along with native Los Cabos dancer, Andrés Zúñiga, who is now apprenticed with the New York City Ballet. The winner of You Can Dance Award, Lex Ishimoto, the principal dancer of the New York City Ballet York, Daniel Ulbricht, and the Latin American Amateur Champion and World of Dance finalist, Denys Drozdyuk, interpreted “Tres Hombres,” performed by the multifaceted pianist Jorge Viladoms. These gentlemen, the best in their fields, created an impeccably dynamic, show-stopping performance.

Tiler Peck and Lil Buck performed “Petrushka” with the choreography of Jennifer Weber, a collaboration endearing and stylistic of a street dancer and Prima Ballerina.

The audience was captivated by the performance of “Fly Me to the Moon” by Angelina Jordan, as well as by the extraordinary video mapping skills of Quixotic.

The grand finale, a Flash Mob of break dance by Alex Laya, composed of 100 local dancers from the community, caused an eruption of cheers and applause and a great ovation.

Christina Lyon, founder and artistic director of Gala de Danza, has created a visionary gala that truly inspires the public with incredible performances. “I knew that the moment I saw this space it was something I craved,” said Lyon. The vision and passion of Christina Lyon have intertwined in a magnificent event that simply left everyone breathless.

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