Golden Symphony Presents Il Volo

Ferrero Rocher celebrated a golden Christmas with the great IL VOLO Christmas concert.

As it is already tradition, Ferrero Rocher wore the golden Christmas in Mexico City to celebrate one of the most anticipated seasons of the year with emotional events inviting Mexican families to return special moments even more special.

In November, the lighting of the 14-meter high Ferrero Rocher tree made of circumferences of different sizes and iconic elements of the brand located on the Lincoln Park water mirror set the tone for the golden Christmas of Ferrero Rocher with a very special cocktail and a night full of magic accompanied by friends and great personalities.

Thanks to Ferrero Rocher and its Golden Symphony Christmas initiative, a sophisticated and unique event took place. The Angela Peralta theater dressed in gold, and witnessed a beautiful and unique concert thanks to the talent of IL VOLO. The Italian musical trio is composed of three incredible voices; the baritone Gianluca Ginoble, the tenor Ignazio Boschetto and the tenor Piero Barone, who received standing ovations and warm applause from more than 2000 people and 400 special guests.
At 20:00 hrs, the television host Olivia Peralta presented IL VOLO who started the concert with melodies ranging from international classics to Mexican songs and of course a selection of Christmas music that won over the audience and woke up the Christmas spirit of all the attendees while they delighted with the unique taste of Ferrero Rocher.
For almost 2 hours this talented trio played the hearts of the audience performing emotional songs of the season. At the end of the evening, IL VOLO thanked Ferrero Rocher for the opportunity to bring his talent back to our country through this great Christmas concert. He also thanked the audience for the theater with total enthusiasm for receiving them with such enthusiasm and affection.
Being part of the most special moments of its consumers, has always been the spirit of Ferrero Rocher. That is why with the hashtag #GoldenSymphony, the brand invites all Mexicans to share their greatest moments of joy, love and excitement this Christmas.

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