Havoc, a Mexican brand that revolutionizes the way modern men buy custom-made clothes, opens its Flagship showroom on the most cosmopolitan and trendy street in Mexico City, President Masaryk.

More than 100 guests including businessmen, opinion leaders and celebrities gathered to witness the ribbon cutting of the second space of this proudly Mexican brand of Made to Measure suits.

Havoc innovator in custom services has an aggressive plan of expansion and opening of showrooms due to the high demand of its unique personalization services at a very accessible price.

The originality, avant-garde and transforming experience of Havoc style, reaches Masaryk. The new brand inaugurates its Flagship Showroom in Mexico City, with the help of friends, opinion leaders, celebrities and collaborators on Thursday, August 16 of this year.

Havoc brand’s 100% Mexican custom-made suits for men present a unique offer of handcrafted clothing with focus on detail, the highest quality and an unprecedented experience. You will find the best fabrics from the best European and National houses at a very affordable price.

In an exclusive cocktail full of style and glamor, personalities such as: Manuel Balbi, Tizoc Arroyo, Gabriel Ibarzabal, Ramiro Fumazoni, Juan Vidal, Bobby Medina and Alex Duran together discovered the second showroom of the brand that less than a year of its existence , comes to revolutionize the way men buy tailored suits and shirts.

Juan Pablo Morales CEO of Havoc commented “We give value to individuality, reflecting the knowledge of our customers and their desire to have something unique that exceeds their expectations. Given the success we have had in our online portal and in our first showroom, we have invested in an aggressive plan to open 20 more spaces nationwide to bring this service to more consumers. Havoc’s business model manages to have attractive prices never before seen in Mexico by not having intermediaries and leveraging technology. “

Gerardo Morera CEO of Personal Brands Group commented: “We are proud to be a 100% Mexican company that grows together with Mexico and even more to open our second store and flagship in Presidente Masarik. In our Group we create a personal link with each client, in order to grow the value of our portfolio of brands and Havoc offers a great value for money, we believe that luxury and personalization should not be unattainable.”


At the event, a tour was given to all the guests to show this transformative style experience, with the aim of changing the traditional business of buying tailored suits, coats and shirts, disrupting the traditional retail market and transforming fine clothing into an experience.

Not all suits fit each person, only the perfect one is made for each person, and in that Havoc is unique. A made-to-measure garment speaks for itself. Historically, this attire often denotes man and has been used to affirm power, personality and elegance. 

At Havoc, garments are those that must be adapted to men, and reflect their personality in an authentic and differentiated way. The first step is to find your own style and in this, the Havoc team of advisors are distinguished.

Without a doubt, it was an incredible night and full of style.

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