L’Art de la cuisine Presented By L’Ôtel Doce-18

During the festivities of the first edition of the MAG Gastronomic Festival, Dôce 18 Concept House presented L’art de la cuisine, being part of Petit Committee, a series of exclusive events organized by MAG last July 13 to 18, where Chefs Patrick Cros, Olivier Deboise and Emmanuelle Deboise delighted the guests with delicious dishes that were complemented by pairings presented by Casa Dragones, which served to accompany the first time; As well as the presence of the Champagne Moët & Chandon, which accompanied the following times, while the welcome cocktails were made with berries and Cognac Hennessy XO. The chefs gave the French accent to this dinner that was hosted by the iconic boutique hotel LÔtel, a place where the best of Mexican design, gastronomy and art live together.

To begin with, Chef Oliver Deboise prepared some delicious oysters prepared with strong root snow and seaweed, soy and ginger shitakes with cider vinegar, echalote, tarragon au gratin with ramonetti cheese as well as a meuniére horse mackerel with aubergine caviar.

On the other hand, Chef Patrick Cros cooked a delicious duck confined with foie gras and cashew mole with raisin and a steak of venison accompanied by sautéed zetas, babies greens and salad of sprouts, while Chef Emmanuelle Deboise delighted the palates of all diners with a dessert of roasted figs with lavender collected from L’Ôtel’s vegetable garden, mozzarella and crunchy olive oil.

Also, the guests could enjoy the mixology of the renowned bartender Moses Sierra who prepared different drinks to consent to all involved; Moses intervened the cocktail with the distillates Mezcal Danzantes and Ron La Gloria Añejo Cristalino; The whole dinner was engalanada with the presence of the water Bui, arisen of the Nevado de Toluca.

During this event, the Mexican artist Arantza X Rodríguez was invited to intervene the dinner tablecloths where she painted different colored fractals (geometrical figures that are repeated in different scales) with which she sought to transmit a spiritual message. Arantxa intervened the plate of the second time, which served to iron the duck confit, this work was a collaboration with Chef Patrick Cros and used vegetable shortening as an essential element.

Also, AXR had the opportunity to exhibit their art in a temporary exhibition in the lobbies of L’Ôtel.

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