The Latest in Haute Horology at SIAR 2019

Salón Internacional Alta Relojería México (SIAR) 2019

For those who share a taste for the most exclusive creations in watchmaking, the Salón Internacional Alta Relojería México (SIAR) is an internationally-renowned horology exhibition in Mexico. Created in 2007 and taking place at The St. Regis in Mexico City, SIAR is the must-see haute horology event in Latin America, and a destination for brands, enthusiasts, and collectors from around the world.

SIAR has become a unique community of connoisseurs, jewelers, journalists and watch companies with a common passion: prestigious watchmaking, and independent and creative industry proposals. Around 17,000 guests have attended the event since its first edition to learn about the timekeeping of the more than 50 brands that have participated since the beginning.

With the latest in haute horology, Ocean Blue World takes you behind-the-scenes to SIAR 2019!

Starting off with a ‘bang,’ The Unnamed Society made their grand entrance onto the horological scene at this year’s SIAR. Founded as an exclusive group of celebrities, inventors, designers, artisans and close friends, this luxury microbrand creates rare and hyper-exclusive items for top collectors. With a focus on art and uniqueness, and made from the highest quality materials, be sure to look for their signature owl and key.

Unveiled at SIAR 2019, this exclusive revolver as a table clock, developed in collaboration with Swiss luxury brand L’Epée, represents the fragility of time and how it can be stolen from us.

From the well-established brands to new watchmakers, and from large to small, the exhibition gathered their latest and greatest pieces to the joy of connoisseurs and collectors. Another incredible edition of the Salón Internacional Alta Relojería México!


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