5 Engagement Ring Trends for 2019

From Meghan and Harry to Perry and Bloom, the rich and the famous spare no expense when it comes to marking their engagements with some pricy talked-about stones. But for the coming year, move over clear-cut diamonds in traditional settings, the trends for 2019 come in all colors, shapes and styles. Here are five fun ones to look out for.

Colored Stones

Photo Courtesy by news.sfr.fr

Colored engagement rings are having their day in the sun, thanks to celebrities such as Katy Perry, Blake Lively, Olivia Wilde and many others. So, which stones are the real stunners? Canary diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires are a few noteworthy head turners. Colored stones are a great way to make a ring uniquely you. But, you don’t have to shun the white diamond altogether. Colored stones look great surrounded by a sea of sparkly support. Kate Middleton’s ring is one that comes to mind.

Three Stones in a Modern Setting

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry can take credit for the single stone supported by two diamonds or gemstones on either side. This represents a couple’s past, present and future. The trifecta lends an element of the unexpected, with timeless looks and appeal.

Yellow Gold

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If there’s one metal that comes in and out as often as jeans change styles it’s yellow gold. In the 90s, gold was definitely out in both pop culture and the fashion world. But since then, it’s enjoyed staying power and versatility as it works well with diamonds and brightly colored gemstones in just about any kind of setting, from contemporary to classic.

Stacked Rings

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An engagement ring is the ultimate starting point to stacking multiple bands. And designers such as Marrow Fine are perpetuating this trend. With a stackable look, the engagement ring is the star, and the bands the supporting cast. Stones can be pear, round, oval, rectangle—even octagon. To call stacking a trend isn’t totally accurate, as the look appears to be here to stay.

Lab-Grown Diamonds

Photo Courtesy by thechalkboardmag.com

Millennials are all about lab-grown diamonds, particularly because they are sustainable and have very little impact on Mother Earth. They’re definitely not fakes and considered every bit as real as the mined variety. In fact, lab-grow diamonds carry the same grades and certifications as minded diamonds.

So, whether you’re popping the question or giving out hints to that special someone, perhaps one of this year’s trends will end up on your wish list.

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