Brunello Cucinelli

The Emperor of Cashmere Clothing

Brunello Cucinelli, Italian born founder, chief executive and designer of billion-dollar global lifestyle brand is raising fashion heights for women’s colored knitwear.

Courtesy photo by frankgallucci

Today, with this ultra-luxe brand, he’s retelling his story of how it all began. From growing up with no running water to becoming the expert of style, Cucinelli is taking the industry by storm with all things soft, elegant, and knitted.

40 years ago, as an eager young man to change the waves of the fashion industry, he visited a dye shop, looking for clues of how to achieve something never done before.

His initial thought? To dye a sweater. Turning round next and v-neck sweaters tangerine orange. Selling 400 units in three months and later 200,000 sweaters a year, it was a hit, operating only out of a small mono-brand store near Solomeo, Italy.

Courtesy photo by frankgallucci

Come 2018, Cucinelli now dons a world-renowned brand with locations spanning across Europe, Asia, and the United States.

But Cucinelli didn’t do it alone. He owes his rapid success to his team.

Growing up hearing stories of how his father and brothers worked in decrepit conditions that were aesthetically difficult, he was determined to create a safe workplace that could generate creativity. Building a backdrop that was filled with light was of upmost priority. To create a peaceful environment where innovation could flow. To have human sustainability.

Courtesy photo by frankgallucci

And it doesn’t end there. When buying fabrics, Cucinelli too researches how the product was made, who made it, and if they earned the correct income making it.

The beauty of clothing is the one who makes it.

Basing the backbone of his line on the value of life and care of the community, Cucinelli is uniquely recognized for the quality of his products – environmentally and humanely sustainable.

And if you’re looking to taste some of Cucinelli’s designs, we suggest splurging on a new fall wardrobe, made especially for you by Cucinelli himself in collaboration with luxury online menswear line, Mr Porter.

Courtesy by Diary of a Clotheshorse

This new ultra-understated and relaxed collection is complete with ready-to-wear, footwear and accessories.


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