Leticia Klein

Leticia Klein has done a little bit of everything. She’s helped open hotels, owned a restaurant with her husband for decades, managed her own store and balanced a family of five children. Having traveled extensively throughout Mexico, she is particularly passionate about the Baja California Sur region and frequently supports the Los Cabos Tourism Board throughout all her travels.

Her enthusiasm for travel is clearly evident in the way she presents her showroom at the acclaimed Casa Vieja. From handmade Mexican shoes to famous Colombian designers like Pepa Pombo (now on display at the renowned Bergdorf Goodman), Leticia provides visitors with a grand selection of hand-picked Mexican and Latin American designer products. The key when selecting merchandise is to offer unique items to visitors, and to focus on things not easily found elsewhere. Whether exploring the Mexican Sierra in mainland Mexico or identifying the latest fashion trends abroad in exquisite locations such as Spain, Leticia passionately embarks on exciting journeys to discover new findings and innovations!


  • Vicky Batiz Shirts made from cactus fibers in the state of Michoacán.
  • Handmade sandals from San Miguel de Allende. Comfortable and available in a wide variety of colors and styles.
  • Designer clothing and accessories by Pineda Covalin. Featuring colorful prints on exquisite silk inspired by Mèxico’s diverse culture and its flora and fauna.
  • Frank Lowenstein’s silver poems. A fine jewelry line with unique pieces in .925 Mexican silver with natural, semi-precious stones.
  • Newest collection by Columbian artist Rebeca Rojas. Includes simply cut and beautiful outfits in fine linen, bursting in color.

Rebeca Rojas, an exclusive for Casa Vieja

Since 1982, when Leticia opened the doors of Casa Vieja in Los Cabos, the boutique store has become one of the primary places to discover the finest in fashion. Unveiling a handful of highly talented Latin American designers, Casa Vieja is most certainly not to be missed!

Be dazzled and enthralled at Casa Vieja.

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