Dining on the “Sun Coast,” Spain’s Renowned Costa del Sol

Dining on Spain’s Costa del Sol

Spain’s popular “sun coast” is a string of resort towns that were once sleepy fishing villages. Today, you’ll find a cadre of tourists sightseeing along the region that extends from the cliffs at Maro in the east to Punta Chullera in the west. Costa del Sol could be California’s Spanish soul sister with its strikingly similar scenery, climate and geography as well as ample sunshine per year. Within the sparkling shoreline of Costa del Sol exists a spellbinding blend of beaches and cliffs, bays and dunes. It is a quintessential destination with native cuisine hinting of Spanish, Jewish and Arabic influences and an emphasis on fresh seafood.

Here, you’ll find everything from fish shacks to Michelin-starred restaurants, set against gorgeous coastal backdrops.

Masala la Cala

There are five Masala restaurants on the Costa del Sol, boasting the best of Indian cuisine. Masala La Cala, in La Cala de Mijas is particularly family-friendly with a shaded tiled terrace trimmed with shady palms and overlooking seaside views along with a comfy and air conditioned main dining area.

You’ll find all of the curry classics made with the freshest ingredients and flavour-filled spices imported from India. The hot spot is perfect for large group dinners and there is ample street parking. A bonus for the kiddos—you can specify dishes as hot, medium or mild depending on their taste-bud tolerance.

El Paso Mexicano

From the colorful sombrero-adorned walls to a menu packed with tasty choices, this is authentic Tex-Mex that at its most fun and flavorful. Located just off the Fuengirola promenade in the backstreets of Los Boliches, you feel instantly transported to Central America. The menu includes all of the mainstays, such as sizzling steak fajitas, crunchy tacos, and homemade guacamole and there is a dedicated menu for the niños. Special occasions are celebrated in high style and there’s plenty of traditional live music and the chance to sport a broad-rimmed Mexican sombrero.



Restaurante MezzaNotte

Tucked seaside on the Fuengirola promenade sits a lovely blend of Lebanese and Italian cuisine. You just know it’s going to be good when the locals frequent there. From shared Middle-Eastern plates like babaganoush, hummous, chicken skewers and falafel, to tried and true pasta dishes and pizzas on the kids’ menu, Restaurante MezzaNotte has something for everyone. Try the house Rioja or something else on the wine list because with Spanish wine, good value and good quality equals a great bottle.

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