A Sophisticated, Eclectic Brasserie Adds Contrast to Traditional San Miguel de Allende

Bovine is San Miguel de Allende’s Chic New Brasserie

Among the colorful homes, cobblestone streets and Baroque Spanish architecture of UNESCO World Heritage site, San Miguel de Allende, lies a new “metro-chic brasserie.”

With a concept and atmosphere that “escapes” from modern Mexican, Bovine offers a surprising yet delightful contrast within this colonial city.

Behind this gourmet haven is the collaboration of some of the brightest talent in Mexican hospitality – the director of the top city hotel in the country, Bruce James, and the chef of one of Mexico’s top restaurants, Paul Bentley.

“San Miguel de Allende has evolved into a hot new culinary hub of Mexico, making it the perfect spot to introduce our brasserie concept to the country’s dining scene,” said Bruce James, director of Hotel Matilda, recently named the top city hotel in Mexico by Travel + Leisure.

Australian Chef, Paul Bentley, comes from highly-regarded experience in New York, Tulum and Guadalajara, and his Magno Brasserie in Guadalajara was named the Best New Restaurant in Mexico by Travel + Leisure.

Located in the spirited center of the city, on the main plaza just steps from the iconic cathedral, Bovine blends the old-world with vibrant, contemporary style.

An Elegant Mix of Brasserie & Steakhouse

The menu is a mix of brasserie and steakhouse, serving comfort food with layers of complexity through the impeccable French technique of Chef Paul Bentley.

“The purpose of Bovine is always to surprise, without complications and a lot of flavor,” said Paul Bentley.

With a menu full of surprises, Bovine is not your average steakhouse. Steak Tartare prepared with truffles and tarragon aioli offers a modern twist. Braised Beef Ribs are smothered in a red wine reduction with bacon, onion, radishes and carrots. The Bovine Hamburger patty is a mix of brisket, ribeye, chuck and braised shortribs and is infused with lemon zest.

The menu also caters to purists who wish for the finest meats cooked on wood grills, including Cote de Boeuf, which is dry-aged for 45 days, and top-tier Rib Eye and New York Strip steaks.

In a six-course private dining experience for up to ten, Bovine offers Mesa Dragones, featuring a special menu by Chef Paul Bentley, and pairing with premium artisanal tequila.

Beyond a memorable meal at Bovine, the city is truly a culinary destination thanks to another of Bruce Jame’s collaborations. Teaming up with superstar Mexican chef Enrique Olvera at Hotel Matilda’s Moxi has quickly turned the city into a gastronomic hub. Not to mention the fact that San Miguel de Allende was also named the world’s best city, would be in bad taste.

Enjoy a unforgettable meal at Bovine.


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