A Toast to Tequila on National Margarita Day

Cheers to #NationalMargaritaDay!

National Margarita Day in the United States is February 22 and the perfect opportunity for tequila lovers to enjoy the refreshing beverage served at innumerable establishments across the world. As a staple drink on any bar menú, margaritas have helped elevate the status of tequila as a versatile and high-quality spirit.

Many brands offer different tiers of tequila, which can be used for different occasions. For instance, Jose Cuervo has a highly sought-after ‘Reserva de la Familia,’ which is aged in American and French Oak Barrels for at least three years, yielding a distinctive taste.

To better understand the history behind tequila and its role in the mixology world, we turned to experts at the Five-Diamond resort in Los Cabos, Mexico: Las Ventanas al Paraiso, A Rosewood Resort. Las Ventanas al Paraiso champions the Rosewood hotel ‘Sense of Place’ philosophy in many ways, emulating the spirit and rich culture of Mexico through its design, offerings, dining and programming.

Oscar Mondragón and Oliver Chong are the resident expert Tequiliers at Las Ventanas, with over 11 years experience as tequila connoisseurs. The resort offers over 100 varieties of tequila, ranging from $13 USD to $300 USD, making Oscar and Oliver certified professionals.

How does one become a Tequilier?

To become a Tequilier, one must take various courses and trainings endorsed by the Tequila Regulatory Council in Mexico. Basic courses are three days, and the advanced course is a whole week in Jalisco with tastings and testing.

What makes one tequila more smooth or complex than another?

Smoother tequilas are distilled longer, which yields a purer flavor with more complexity. This is achieved through time and aging using different barrels. When aged in different barrels, tequila takes on subtle flavors such as vanilla, clove and cinnamon or even caramel, depending on the type of barrel and length of aging.

What are the most used tequilas for the classic margarita?

At Las Ventanas, we typically use Centenario Reposado unless another tequila is specifically requested. Other recommended tequilas include El Tesoro de Don Felipe Blanco or Casa Amigos Reposado.

What other margaritas does the hotel offer which are guest favorites?

Guests tend to favor our Jalapeño, Cucumber and Basil, and Tamarindo margaritas.

What is the Tequila Sign experience?

It is an over-the-top tequila tasting experience at Las Ventanas, where guests strive to guess the styles and categories of various tequilas. The tastings are blind to avoid any bias prior to the experience. Guests try a huge variety of tequilas, which are paired delicately with appetizers to create an even richer experience.

Photo Courtesy by traveller.com

Where do you see tequila and tequila cocktails moving in the future?

In 5-10 years, I predict that tequila will be the most popular spirit in the world. At Las Ventanas, we regularly see people ordering tequila over other spirits. Even simple tequilas carry a lot of flavor and versatility, so it is easy to incorporate tequila into any cocktail.

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