BKR and Swarovski Created a Crystal Water Bottle

Add a Little Sparkle to Your Water

Luxe glass water bottle maker BKR will change the way you hydrate forever with their new Swarovksi 500 Collection. The name says it all, as the lids on the glitzy new container are bedazzled with 500 Austrian crystals.

Inspired by a glam culture expression, you can choose from four beautifully sparkling colors including: Yellow Gold Winter, Platinum Jet, Platinum Naked and Rose Gold Tutu. Not only does BKR breathe new life into the maxim of eight glasses a day, but all proceeds will directly support the Water For People Organization. The non-profit makes a difference in the lives of those in under-developed countries by providing them with sustainable sources for drinking water. Each BKR Swarovski bottle purchase will provide a one-month supply of clean water to someone in need.

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