Eataly World, Italy’s $106 Million Gourmet Theme Park

Eataly World in Italy is the World’s Largest Agri-Food Park

The dream of gourmet lovers, especially those with a love of Italian cuisine, has been realized in FICO’s new Eataly World.

With 100,000 square meters dedicated to the wonders of Italian food, Eataly World in Bologna, Italy is the largest agricultural-food park in the world.

Dedicated to the art of the transformation of Italian food, from the importance of national agriculture and ingredients, to the variety of sweet and savory delicacies, Eataly is where “Made in Italy” comes to life.

Foodies will rejoice with over 45 diverse spaces for refreshment, including trattorias, fine restaurants, bistros and street-food kiosks, as well as cafés and bars for true Italian espressos and cocktails.

After some delightful tastings and toasts, gourmets can pick up some locally-produced foods and Italian goods at the daily farmers’ market, artisan market and grocery store, which is the world’s biggest and most varied Italian farmers’ market.

The best part about FICO’s Eataly World?

In addition to this assortment of gourmet options, Eataly World offers a truly farm-to-table experience! The on-site farms offer fresh, field to fork foods, plus a glimpse into the secrets of Italian cooking. Epicureans can go behind the scenes of Italy’s agricultural heritage and farming traditions, to truly understand where it all begins.

FICO also offers many educational opportunities with courses and events designed to demonstrate the importance of biodiversity and sustainability in the food industry.

FICO’s Eataly World offers the chance for all nationalities to discover, learn and taste the famous wonders of Italian biodiversity.

“Food-lovers of the world, reunite!”

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