The Float Tea Set Redefines Chinese Tea Philosophy

Float Tea Set

Created by Ian Yen, the Float Tea Set consists of a minimalist teapot and matching teacups, designed with cast iron in mind, this unconventional teapot features a full-moon-like handle and a straight pointing spout. The ink tones of Float are brilliantly polished to shine with variations while pouring and sipping, made to look like a splash-ink, a unique technique of Chinese ink-painting.


Inspired by the beauty of Chinese landscapes, the Taiwanese designer reflects the v-shaped valleys forming in mountains for its base, functionally serving as both a radiator and a stand. Not only in form or function, this sophisticated referent reveals the representation of hidden streams and rising valley fog.

Floating Tea Set

Incorporating the Chinese philosophical concept of Dao, which represents the underlying flow of the universe, tea lovers feel relaxed and careless as if they are floating effortlessly. The Float Tea Set transforms sipping tea to a work of art – not only with its imaginative and unique design, but furthermore with the artist’s poetic and philosophical conception.

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