National Crepe Suzette Day

I am always surprised that one of my favorite days of the year does not receive more pomp and splendour. May 6th is “National Crepe Suzette Day,” an entire day dedicated to celebrating one of the most delicious desserts wordwide. While the crepe originated in England, the Crepe Suzette is a French delicacy. For those of you who have been missing out on one of the greatest food indulgences ever, lets tempt your taste buds by describing this incredible dish. This crepe is made famous by its special sauce – caramelized sugar and butter, orange juice, orange liquor (Grand Marnier or orange Curacao) and cognac if you so please.  When prepared at an upscale restaurant the crepe is usually made in front of customers by flambé.

Photo Courtesy by hero-and-leander

On this day, or at least at some point, you should make a point to treat yourself to this delectable desert, by taking an outing to a restaurant or café that specializes is such a crepe. From our travels and our love for Crepe Suzette, we found a few spots around the globe that are Crepe-worthy.

Our first recommendation would be to try Crepe Suzette in Paris, France at “Les Frères Bretons.” The chic little bistro is not far from the Eifel Tower and was established by two brothers who come from Bretagne, a region in the west of France where the crepe originated. You will be lured in by the smell of the bistro before you see it’s little brown awning inviting you in. Possibly the most impressive revelation here is that this delicious Crepe Suzette is made with fresh local produce by the two brothers who both studied to be crepe masters (that’s a thing in France).

While eating the Crepe Suzette in Paris looking at the Eiffel Tower is a luxury that cannot be replicated, if you find yourself in New York near Union Square you might want to head to Boucherie. They add bourbon to the traditional recipe, which simply means consume it after work hours. It is without a doubt the best in the city.

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Now for a discovery in the Land Down Under, tucked deep in one of Melbourne, Australia’s fascinating laneways is “AIX Café Creperie Salon.” This no-frills spot sources only fresh organic ingredients. Here, it is not just the Crepe Suzette that is amazing, but the unique atmosphere where locals sit and stand anywhere there is a spot along the tiny laneway.

So, if you love dessert, take advantage of May 6th to scout out your local French restaurant and enjoy a Crepe Suzette. It might just become a habit.

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