National Milk Chocolate Day

While dark chocolate has the antioxidant health benefits, it also has a bitter taste. Milk chocolate has all the creamy deliciousness and still may be good for your heart and boost brain health. It’s a mix of cocoa, chocolate liquor, butter, vanilla and either dry or condensed milk — and we celebrate it.

Where did it originate? Daniel Peter is said to have invented the first formula for milk chocolate he called “Gala” which is Greek for “from the milk.” Daniel worked in the Nestle factory in Switzerland until well into his 90s.

Today, these chocolatiers have a number of ways to help you take a tasty bite out of Milk Chocolate Day.


Godiva owns 450 shops worldwide and in May 2012 opened Café Godiva in London’s Harrods department store, which features a wide range of chocolates, pastries and chocolate beverages.


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La Maison du Chocolate

Pure cocoa is the recipe for success of this top French artisan chocolate house. Founded in 1977 by Robert Linx, the company has boutiques in the world’s best cities such as Tokyo, New York, London and Paris as well as online ordering options.


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Jacques Torres Chocolate

This chocolate pioneer opened his first chocolate store and factory in Brooklyn, New York in 2000. He took up the bean-to bar-movement as the first artisan chocolatier in NYC to make his chocolate from cocoa beans. His chocolate is legendary as are his new locations throughout SOHO and Manhattan.


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Fortnum and Mason

181 Piccadilly, London is where you’ll find the headquarters of this upscale department store with a curated selection of fine chocolates. Known for stocking the exotic, the store offers milk, dark and ruby chocolates. They are hand crafted in Brighton using time-cherished ingredients and techniques.

Healthy or not, there’s no contest when it comes to taste and milk chocolate has it hands down, so tear off a square and enjoy!

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