Our Ultimate New Year’s Eve Spritzer Guide

As white clouds of snow begin to dust the streets, we hear the clock of seasons tick on holiday greetings with an air full of love, family and charitable giving. Between a mammoth roasted lamb with a side of perfectly creamy mashed potatoes filling eyes and hungry palettes, candy cane loaded Christmas stockings hanging from prewar Manhattan fireplace mantles, and a gold plated menorah passed down from one bubble to another gently burning on the kitchen table, there seems as though there could never be enough room for an additional holiday token. But with these six spirits, plates will be moved and gelt will be stored, to make room for a snug whiskey on the rocks or sparkling tequila spritzer filled with holiday joy galore.

Read on to hear our guide for top liquid libations to gift loved ones this holiday season and ring in the New Year! Cheers!

  • Perrier-Jouët’s Limited Edition Venus et Fleur Lé Clair Dix-Huet

Prepare for bubble and fizz. Because with this limited edition sparkling spritzer, you’ll be blinded by hours of effervescent champagne. A one of a kind collaboration between Venus et Fleur Eternity® Roses and Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque, this limited edition gift is one to save for New Year’s, just in time to pop the cork on midnight, and rejoice with cheer. So we suggest to ring in the New Year with style and fill up your flutes with this uniquely inspired sparkling potion.

  • Woodford
    Reserve Double Oaked & Holiday Edition

The official bourbon partner of the Kentucky Derby, Woodford Reserve is a small batch bourbon whiskey that’s been serving cocktail connoisseurs since 1812. Distilled on the historic Woodford Reserve® – where Elijah Pepper first inaugurated his notable reserve whiskey – this double oaked premium bottle is handcrafted in copper pot stills with a triple distillation process and coined to be the only Bourbon made this way. And if you’re in the mood to cozy up next to the fire and watch white snow sprinkle onto central park trees, then we suggest a Christmas wish for a slow but smooth sip filled with notes of honey, vanilla, and cream.

  • Lock
    Stock & Barrel

One that’s taking home the bronze, silver, and gold. Lock Stock & Barrel 18 Year, is one of the finest, most complex straight ryes made available in liqueur stores today. Awarded the 2018 Double Gold Medal from the world-renowned San Francisco World Spirits Competition, this “robust” cutting liquid is a detonate of intense flavors balanced with notes that paint the aroma of buttered gingerbread and toasted pecan. The perfect booze for a post-holiday dinner cocktail, Lock Stock & Barrel will lock, drop, and roll on your tongue as you drift away into the Christmas spirit from cinnamon to ginger and spiced syrup liqueur.

  • Zaya
    Gran Reserva

Nothing turns up the heat than a tiki cocktail that’s sweating with rum, coconut, and pineapples galore. And with daylight waning earlier and earlier, we recommend to turn your frown upside down and gift yourself a Caribbean born rum donned Zaya Gran Reserva. Hailing from the tropics of sunny Trinidad, this 12 part rare rum is sure to transport you straight to the islands hidden below the equator’s belt with its velvet essence of banana, caramel, and cocoa flavors. So dunk in an umbrella and decorate the rim with a lemon or lime. Zaya Gran Reserva is flying you straight to the beaches. Can you say winter blues no more?

  • Crystal
    Head Vodka

Okay. We knew hallows eve has since passed. But why not indulge your senses in a vodka treat that’s clean, clear, and full of a different type of spirit – one that screams egg nog, reindeers, and Frosty the Snow Man. Crystal Head Vodka, designed by actor and comedian, Dan Aykroyd, and renowned artist, John Alexander, is a tonic that’s inspired by a mythological legend of 13 crystal skulls used to project positive energy and enlightenment by Native American tribes. Extracting this enigma and ancient prophecy, Aykroyd and Alexander designed a vessel that’s an accurate rendering of a human skull and contains just enough crystal to assist this colorless liquid in keeping its refined clarity. So instead of sipping and serving over jack-o-lanterns, candy corn, and haunted ghosts, present your co-worker or dearest friend with a decanter of edible crystal that will is sure to glimmer until New Year’s night.

  • Tequila
    Avión Reserva 44

A tequila brand with an entourage and an all-star leading crew. Tequila Avión Reserva 44, founded by Mr. Ken Austin, the king of all things Mexico and sumptuous libations himself, is a bottle of booze that’s hotter than hot and tempts all the right taste buds with its rich flavor and elevated savors. Aged 43 months in oak barrels plus one additional month in specially selected petite barrels, this warm vanilla on the rocks tequila, is the ideal classic pour for those looking to test out the shores of Mexico – one sip by one sip more. A gift that will please any dinner party hostess, we recommend splurging on this globally voted best tasting tequila for a slew of accolades that will be returned for months.

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