Tequila Clase Azul Presents a Limited Edition 20th Anniversary Bottle

Tequila Clase Azul Limited Edition 20th Anniversary Bottle

Tequila Clase Azul celebrates 2 decades of sharing with the world their authentic Mexican roots. And to celebrate, Clase Azul, launches its tequila Anniversary edition, a collectible piece.
First, it is a piece that comes from merging the experience acquired in 2 decades; a tequila that concentrates the passion of those author minds that seek to promote a change in our society, through the transformation own. It is a unique product, a limited edition in honor to Blue Class, to its artisans, to the creative minds that they gave life and of course, in honor of their consumer who understands and appreciates its value.
There are only 7,300 pieces distributed around the world, which represent 20 years multiplied by 365 days that result in each of the 7,300 days lived by Clase Azul Spirits.

The bottle, hand-painted by indigenous Mazahuas in a small community within the state of Mexico, mimics the pattern of its iconic Clase Azul Reposado tequila adding 24 carat gold. A collectible medallion on the front represents agave – characteristic signature of the family – and the 1997-2017 legacy.

On the back, its removable label will allow it to become in a vase, lamp or lamp that will beautify spaces.

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