Born in 2001, Tequila Clase Azul is authentic, benevolent artisanal; its unique flavor, hue and texture combined with strong attachment to artisanal Mexican roots have distinguished Clase Azul as the Best in the luxury market.

The Magic of Clase Azul, however, is not
limited to the superior Quality of the tequila;
the beautiful decanter, which complements its artisanal flavor, is a true piece of art that reflects the artisanal grandeur of the Mexican people.

In a small town named Santa Maria Canchesdá, over one hundred Mexican artisans spend their days handerating each bottle, one at a time. The Clase Azul bottle, with all of its diverse expressions, is an effort to unite different artisanal talents in one single piece.

For this reason, Clase Azul, on behalf of our non-profit organization “Fundación con Causa Azul,” invite you to keep the essence and passion behind each bottle alive. Once the tequila is finished, remove the label and let your imagination run wild as you transform your bottle into a decorative piece for your favorite space.




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