Discover the Magical World of Bluechai

It’s fair to state that the color blue isn’t usually associated with the words organic and all-natural, especially when its vibrant hue is in our food or drinks. Yet, German company Bluechai has changed our preconceived ideas by introducing the world to naturally blue tea. Yes, blue.

Made from 100% dried butterfly pea flowers, Bluechai does not contain any harmful colorants additives or artificial ingredients. Brewing the tea only takes 3 minutes using boiling water, or a few hours if you use a cold-steep method. Not only is the brewed color of the tea fascinating, but by adding lemon or lime juice the liquids color will magically transform to beautiful shades of pink, purple and violet.

Another interesting benefit to butterfly pea flowers is its use as a natural food dye, which can be turn any dish or cocktail blue. Imagine eating blue pasta? Blue burger buns? The options are endless and potentially quite bizarre.

Bluechai also has the environment at heart. They practice safe farming methods without harmful chemicals and enclose their teas in biodegradable eco-friendly packaging. Bluechai is exotic, natural tea which will leave you amazed and intrigued like no other drink before.

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