Summoning Your Inner Shaman

Palo santo wood smudging

Summoning Your Inner Shaman

A South American wellness tradition spanning thousands of years is seeing renewed interest from those looking for a natural way to improve their overall well-being and summon their inner shaman. 

Summon your inner shaman

Celebrities including Gisele Bündchen, Salma Hayek and Miranda Kerr swear by palo santo, or “holy wood,” as its name translates from Spanish. 

Singer-songwriter Billie Eilish has incorporated the ancient wood essence in her perfume,  Eilish No. 2, and singer Alicia Keys says she burns palo santo in her dressing room before a performance to summon clarity and confidence.

“Palo santo is a feel good ingredient, creating a sense of relaxation to align mind, body and soul,” says Initio Parfums global brand director Bérengère Batalla. 

It is also a sustainably-sourced natural product. In order to be harvested, palo santo trees must die naturally and remain on the forest floor for a minimum of four years, otherwise, the sought-after aroma of lemon, mint and pine fails to develop. 

Incans believed the smoke from the wood had healing powers, although scientists haven’t weighed in on these claims. Smudging a room with palo santo, similar to sage, is thought to dispel bad energy and bring about a positive aura. Its pleasing scent is also conducive to meditation and stress relief.

Found in candles, oils, creams and incense, among other products, palo santo offers an ancient touch of calm to an increasingly hectic world.

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