Black Tomato’s Greenland Adventure

Unleash Your Inner Explorer

As Director of Client Management at Element Lifestyle, a luxury lifestyle and concierge company based in Los Angeles, I am always on the hunt for unique and meaningful experiences around the world for our clients to enjoy. When it comes to adventure travel in the Arctic, Greenland is the ideal destination for the thrill-seeking traveler desiring the polar landscape at its finest.

For a truly authentic Greenland Arctic experience, Black Tomato’s ten-day Greenland Adventure is the perfect plan. The expertly crafted itinerary commences in Iceland, where one night is spent before embarking to Greenland. The flight over the diverse island owned by the Danish kingdom offers some of the most gorgeous topography in the world. The intrepid adventure begins at Constable Point on the Liverpool Land peninsula. With a professional guide, the inner explorers are unleashed to traverse stunning polar landscapes by snowmobile and dog sleds pulled by Huskies.

Arctic activities include: snowshoeing on untouched Arctic terrain, mountain climbing, visiting small Inuit villages, building an igloo and tracking animals including: polar bears, musk ox, hares, and foxes.

“Greenland really is one of the world’s last remaining frontiers. It’s the ultimate escape from reality.” – Black Tomato

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