Go Glamping in Europe

Glamorous Luxury Camping in Europe

If you’re the jet-setting type that prefers a high-altitude adventure all-inclusive of an equally high thread count, glamping might be your thing. It’s a step up in accommodations for the outdoorsy types.  To break it down, “glam” plus “camping” equals glamping. It’s quickly become a fad, but not a passing one. Glamping is here to stay with all its yurts, eco-pods, teepees and safari tents—so ditch the portable stove and propane and pull up to a posh campsite. Here are a three popular spots in Europe to go glamping.

La Truffiére Treetop Cabin, France

Photo Courtesy of Chateau de Cantecor.

 As one of the most visited destinations, France is an exceptional place to dip your toe into glamping. Adventure seekers looking for exciting new heights can book a log cabin in the sky. We guarantee it won’t bring back any childhood memories, however, as this tree house is air-conditioned. But the quirky cabin should spark some exciting new memories. The luxury tree house has a comfortable living room with a lounge and kitchen, three bedrooms (but sleeps four) and a terrace with your own hot tub. Plus, lots of little extras like a Nespresso coffee machine, flat screen and a Bluetooth music player.

Cerza Safari Lodge, Normandy

Photo Courtesy of Cerza Safari Lodge.

 Come face-to-face with a rhino, wallaby or antelope.  This Mongolian village has six yurts, lodges on stilts by the lake and a zoobservatory, where you watch gazelles through your window. Feeding the animals is highly encouraged here, and if you’re lucky you’ll get to pet a rhino. Your reservation gives you priority access to Cerza zoological park, a protected area for endangered species. Take a special discovery tour and go behind the scenes at the park to get the lay of the land.

The Yurt Village, Lucerne, Switzerland

Photo Courtesy of The Yurt Village.

 Get seriously back to nature with endless alpine-peak views in this hippie-style village in Luthern Bad, Lucerne’s hinterland. It’s a fun collection of yurts, scattered around a traditional Swiss house, as if Mother Nature gently placed each one. This is a place for healing and as legend recalls Mary, the mother of God, appeared to a farmer on the night before the Pentecost, instructing him to dig for water and wash in it, to cure his gout. Remember that while you’re yurting it up here, you’ll also have the pleasure of eating veggies straight from a clay oven, before stepping over to the sauna yurt and then cooling off in a running river.

 Wherever you wander, know that you can still pay homage to your wild side, but now with a bit more luxury, euro style.

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