How Richard Branson Does Cruises

Richard Branson’s Virgin Voyages Redefine Luxury Cruising

“Don’t just build a ship, create a yearning for the sea.” — Richard Branson

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When you’ve been out on the ocean often enough, one cruise can seem very much like another. Sunshine and waves, entertainment night and day, an abundance of tempting food, and cocktails to keep you hydrated at any time of day. Well yes, its great, but perhaps a little boring.

For innovator Richard Branson, boredom is never an option. His Virgin Voyages project redefines luxury cruising with two new ships – Scarlet Lady and Valiant Lady – combining luxuries one would demand on land with the liberty and ease promised by life on the open ocean. Richard Branson has gathered together the most inspiring partners to build a ship that breaks barriers and demands admiration.

So, exactly what can you expect when cruising like Branson?

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Curated Destinations
All itineraries include late stays and overnights, bringing you real experiences with real people in your favorite ports.

Rediscover the magic of the Caribbean on Scarlet Lady. Built in Italy in partnership with ship-building powerhouse Fincantieri, Scarlet Lady with her 17 decks will afford you a new perspective of the Jewels of the Caribbean. Set sail from Miami to Key West, Costa Maya or Puerto Plata. Find your fire in San Juan, gaze in wonder at Cozumel’s coral reefs, escape to Tulum and Playa del Carmen. A stop at Virgin’s exclusive Beach Club in the Bahamas features a dramatic bonfire on the beach.

Valiant Lady will carry you to the heart of the Mediterranean, with three European itineraries planned from her home port of Barcelona to enticing destinations that include Marseille, Monaco and Marina di Carrara. The call of the Mediterranean Islands will lead you to Corsica, Mallorca and Sardinia. Ibiza, home of the iconic Beach Club, will serve as an overnight stop on all itineraries.

Sweet Suites
Inspired by mega-yacht aesthetics and infused with intuitive technology, these accommodations offer so much more than just a place to rest after an action-packed day at sea. Mood-lighting, roomy Rainshowers, and configurable beds are a few of the innovative ideas that make Mr Branson’s cabins unique.

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Mega RockStar Suites cater for discerning guests who are accustomed to life at the top. Exclusive, top-tier luxury living, prime access, 24/7 agent attention, and personal riders are yours. Tom Dixon-designed suites feature spacious marbled bathrooms with all your expected comforts; hand-woven hammocks on the terrace; and outdoor Peek-a-View showers. And of course, membership to Richard’s Rooftop sundeck.

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Eat, drink and be merry!

With a selection of over 20 eateries on board, you’ll be forgiven for over-indulging. Fresh ingredients and vibrant flavors unite in truly mind-blowing food, created in partnership with respected cuisine connoisseurs from NYC to London. While you won’t find a traditional cruise-style buffet on a Virgin Voyage, you will be spoilt for choice! From a nostalgic steakhouse vibe at The Wake, to grab-and-go food-truck inspired The Galley – there’s a food scene for every mood you can possibly swing. Think Upscale Mexican, Creative Vegetarian, or Lively Korean. Still got room for more? Lick Me Till Ice Cream will astound you with seasonal, artisanal flavors. Thoughtfully-sourced coffee, draught beer on tap, champagne for days … Virgin Voyages has you covered, no matter your thirst.

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Just Breathe …

There’s no need to let yourself go (unless you want to, of course). With a fully equipped B-Complex Gym, Athletic Club, Redemption Spa, outdoor yoga on The Perch, and The Runway (an iconic Virgin-red running track), choose your level of glow-inducing wellness. Return home with body art from the talented crew at Squid Ink Tattoo Studio, an enduring reminder of a life-changing sea-adventure!

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Make it Last …

“There is nothing more important in this world than our oceans, and we’re on a mission to protect them and set an example. Success needn’t compromise sustainability.” — Richard Branson

Underlining the entire Virgin Voyages experience is a commitment to the ocean and the life it supports. Branson’s primary aim is to minimize environmental impacts. Materials and products used are sourced with sustainability in mind. From repurposed ocean plastic and upcycled materials in Virgin’s retail collection, to luxurious, green skincare products and reef-safe sunscreen. Unnecessary single use plastics including straws, food packaging, takeaway cups and more are all banned from the ships. Design choices such as tinted windows, LED lighting, and room sensors help in the quest to use less energy. Innovative technologies transform heat from the ship’s engines into clean energy, and purify wastewater for re-use.

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Don’t wait!

Plan your Caribbean* vacation on Scarlet Lady now by visiting, and find out what its really like to cruise like Richard Branson.

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*Virgin Voyages Mediterranean Cruises on Valiant Lady start in May 2021

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