Iceland’s Blue Lagoon

The Famous Blue Lagoon of Iceland

There is something special about the entire country of Iceland and more so of the famous Blue Lagoon, a UNESCO Geopark.  Located near the main airport of Keflavik, the Blue Lagoon covers an area of 8700 square meters.  In a country full of mountains, volcanoes, islets, waterfalls and hot springs, there is so much to see.  The highlight for anyone looking for pampering and rejuvenation however, is the Spa at the Blue Lagoon.

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The most accessible experience is a partial day pass.  Everything in Iceland, and the spa is no exception, is expensive.  For $65 USD you gain access and get a locker, a towel, a silica mud mask and a beverage.  Although it may not sound like you are getting much, you definitely are.  Access means getting into the large geothermal seawater pool rich with minerals, silica and algae.  There is an in water silica bar for masks, in water beverage bar, sauna and steam, and café.   The temperature of the water is sublime, keeping you warm despite the cold air around you. Coupled with the minerals, a soak in the warm lagoon will leave your muscles and entire body relaxed allowing the stress of travel or work to float away. 

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The silica mud mask does wonders for your skin leaving you feeling soft and supple.  There are even some laughs as the mask requires 5-10 minutes on and cakes into a white covering on your face.  Embrace it and share a chuckle with family or strangers as you wade through a steamy lagoon with a large group of zombies or tribal facepainting warriors around you.

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Extremely popular, the Blue Lagoon can get quite busy but there are options for those looking to have more privacy.  4 hour entry into the Retreat Spa and Blue Lagoon that includes private changing rooms, the Blue Lagoon Ritual, and skin care amenities costs $265 USD.  This is true luxury and tranquility.  There is a lava cove for indulging in water treatments where you float while receiving a massage that is deep, relaxing and uses Blue Lagoon mineral massage oil.  When finished it is hard to imagine ever feeling stress again.   Take home a souvenir from their skin care products to keep you looking great and dreaming of when you can return to Iceland.

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This year the Retreat at Blue Lagoon opened featuring a subterranean spa, geothermal lagoon, a restaurant reimagining Icelandic culinary traditions, and a 62-suite hotel surrounded by the geothermal waters.  Anyone looking for a getaway from the mundane can put the Retreat at Blue Lagoon on their bucket list as a marvelous treat for themselves. 

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