The Most Luxurious Layovers in the World

Luxurious Layovers at Airports with All the Amenities

By: Noel Peterson

A private luxury lifestyle club’s role includes assuring that luxury standards are met in all aspects of the members’ travels. This encompasses private jet services and selection, luxury accommodations and world-class restaurant options. Traveling to distant destinations may unavoidably require a long layover at an airport – however this can provide a pleasurable part of the journey, especially if waiting at one of the following “gold, silver and bronze medal winners” of extravagantly-appointed airports.

Singapore Changi Airport by Sorbis.

The world’s best airport award for three consecutive years has been the Singapore Changi Airport which features a gorgeous butterfly and botanical garden, nature trail, swimming pool, movie theater, craft-making stations for children and more, including motion-detecting flowers that will bloom when approached. This airport takes home the gold.

Incheon International Airport by Sorbis.

For the silver, Seoul’s Incheon International Airport has many luxurious features including the largest duty-free shopping center on earth, spa services, an ice rink and daily orchestra and band performances that complement each season, as well as a golf course, casino, movie theater and a museum with beautiful scenic gardens.

Munich Airport.

Munich Airport takes the bronze in making any layover completely worth the wait. This airport includes a phenomenal beer garden and brewery, sleep cabins, an indoor surfer’s wave pool, indoor beach volleyball, showers, spa services and seasonal events such as a lovely Christmas market and an ice-skating rink during winter months, children’s miniature golf, playgrounds and jungle gyms.

Tokyo International Airport by ESB Profesional.

In addition, close runners-up in the luxury airport world include:

  • Tokyo International Airport (Haneda) famous for its cleanliness and close proximity to the city, shopping center, showers, and unique Japanese themes.
  • Hong Kong International Airport includes an Aviation Discovery Center, simulated golf course, and an IMAX theater.
  • Zurich Airport offers bicycling, inline skating, nap rooms, showers, lounges and playrooms for children.
  • London Heathrow Airport features Michelin-starred restaurants and world-class shopping.
  • Copenhagen International Airport provides upscale shopping and dining, a swim center and showers, museums, and beautiful gardens.
  • Dubai International Airport includes designer boutiques, indoor Zen gardens, luxury lounges, sleeping cubes, and only-in-Dubai vendors selling gold bars.
  • Abu Dhabi International Airport offers over-the-top VIP lounges, upscale dining and extravagant upmarket shopping.


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