Luxury Experiences Redefined: The Baja Way

Where the extraordinary unfolds

What does it mean to have a luxury experience? We don’t think you can truly know until you’ve visited Los Cabos. For it’s only here — on the edge of the known world — that every moment has a way of grabbing hold of your spirit. Where dramatic coastlines, bold adventures and an elevated style become one.

In Los Cabos, whale watching becomes an art form. The turquoise waters are breeding areas and migratory stops for humpback whales in the Pacific Ocean. You can have your pick of expeditions that will take you to see these majestic creatures dive out of the water. Witness the excitement and beauty of humpback whales in their natural habitat.

The perfect activity for nature lovers and extreme sport enthusiasts is blamping in Los Cabos. Experience the thrills of biking with the luxury of staying in glamping accommodations where you can enjoy Baja’s incredible nights to their fullest. Conquer the rolling hills to marvel at stunning views and then settle in for the night at a luxurious desert ranch.

The nearby town of Todos Santos has been designated as a Pueblo Mágico, or “magic town,” in recognition of its natural beauty, cultural riches and historical relevance. Todos Santos sits on the Pacific coast, nestled in the foothills of the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains. Stepping onto its cobblestone streets, lined with restored colonial architecture, is like stepping back in time. Make your way to the town’s main square to discover a historic temple, the mythical Hotel California and other buildings with stories to tell.

In Los Cabos, no matter which path you choose, all of them lead to extraordinary experiences. That’s The Baja Way.

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