Thanyapura Health and Sports Hotel

Thanyapura Health and Sports Hotel in Phuket

Located in Phuket, just 15 minutes away from the international airport, this hotel is a dream come true for elite athletes! Whether you are recreationally into sports and fitness, or a professional athlete, Thanyapura has what you need.

With an Olympic pool and a semi Olympic pool side by side you can swim for light exercise or train hard, and possibly train alongside world-class athletes as they prepare for their next event. With many swimming and triathlon training programs to choose from, this is a must for serious swimmers.

The gym features top of the line Technogym equipment, there are spin classes, core classes, yoga, aqua exercise and more! 6 Plexicushion tennis courts allow you to play on a top quality surface that is easier on the joints. There are two outdoor courts if you want the tan and heat and there are 4 beautifully covered courts with stadium seating and open sides for fresh airflow.

Wanting to be thorough in their approach to health and fitness Thanyapura also delights its guests with delicious and healthy food. There are several different menus based on your needs such as organic options, vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, or specific detox plans you can determine with their nutrition specialist.

They make sure hard training athletes are taken care of by having on site: a doctor, chiropractor, massage therapists, meditation and mind training, physiotherapy, intravenous infusions, Ayurvedic medicine, and the list goes on.

The accommodation options are the 77 room Thanyapura Sports Hotel (Pool Wing) featuring a 25 meter recreational pool and the 38 room Thanyapura Retreat Hotel (Garden Wing) home to an outdoor terrace and views of the Khao Phra Thaew national park. Both sides have several configurations to suit your needs. This is a big perk for the athletes coming to prepare for the Asian swing of their tour. They can acclimate and train hard in great facilities without spending a fortune. Thanyapura offers more luxurious suites to take care of you and give you that relaxing vacation experience as well.

The spa has many treatments to melt away stress and tension, whether physical or mental. Their approach is a holistic one, “We must nurture our mind, nourish our soul and take care of our bodies.” Highly recommended is the Hot Herbal Compress and Stretch. This treatment has been used for hundreds of years in Thailand to reduce pain and inflammation. A muslin compress containing therapeutic herbs such as: prai, ginger, turmeric, kaffir lime and lemongrass, is steamed and applied to the body with gentle pressure through circular and rolling movements to help improve circulation, stimulate nerves, relax muscles and energize the internal organs.

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