The Top Seven Ultra-Luxe First Class Amenity Kits

The first class travel code. One that says sleep well, wake up renewed, and receive exclusive complimentary amenity kits. And now, on these seven international airlines – from Lufthansa to Cathay Pacific – in air passengers can be assured the science of beauty sleep will be taken care of too, with gifted products from LALIQUE to La Prairie and even Carita. So we scoured the airports, and the carriers, to find the most sumptuous meets sexy ultra A – list amenity kits available on the in sky, on board market. Read on to hear more:

  • Qatar Airways

Photo Courtesy by Qatar.

Love the way you travel on Qatar Airways with their newly launched, award winning, exclusive amenity kits made especially for men and women looking to jet set on first class. In partnership with premiere luggage designer, BRICS, and Italian skincare brand, Castello Monte Vibiano Vecchio, passengers are provided with a miniature selection of the BRIC’s Bellagio retail trolley – available in cream gold, rose quartz, navy, and tan, each curated with full grain leather inserts and stitched with Tuscan leather trim.

  • Singapore Airlines


Photo Courtesy by money.cnn

Fly in the lapse of luxury on Singapore Airlines with LALIQUE. New to Singapore Airline’s on board experience, riders can now take off in style with a unisex kit including a Lalique candle, scented soap, lip balm, body lotion, and a miniature LALIQUE crystal fish. But it doesn’t end there, accompanied by a matching LALIQUE sleeper suit and LALIQUE toiletries, this glitz meets glam amenity kit is a one stop shop for profound elegance and in sky serenity.


  • Lufthansa

Photo Courtesy by live and lets fly.

During turbulent times, we often look for a hand to hold or a castle of clouds in the sky. But on Lufthansa First Class, we look to the crown jewel of cosmetics – La Prairie. Gifted in a Windsor cosmetic bag – available with a detachable handle to wear as a handbag or a sleek and functional toiletry bag – this modern in flight kit makes choppy skies peaceful with soothing skincare creams and gentle beauty products.


  • Eithad Airlines

Photo Courtesy by gulf business.

Silver mists are made arctic blue with Acqua di Parma on Eithad Airlines. A lifestyle brand straight from the sands of the Italian Mediterranean, in sky guests can prepare for their voyage to the old country with a bottle of Acqua di Parma Colonia perfume, body lotion, and lip balm.


  • Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong’s national flag carrier, is giving ladies and gents an in air beauty boost with A?sop ultra luxe products. Launched in 2015, commuters can sleep well and feel renewed with a complimentary hair brush or comb, A?sop Camellia Nut Facial Hydrating Cream, A?sop Rind Concentrate Hand and Body Balm, and A?sop Rosehip Seed Lip Cream.


  • British Airways

Photo Courtesy by global blue.

A ten out of ten grade point average for on board, in flight presents. Known as a “washbag,” men and women flying on first class can enjoy a grey velvet or pink scallop cosmetic kit filled with products from The Refinery and Aromatherapy Associates. Replacing the Anya Hindmarch kits, these new to the sky handouts are on point with all fashion forecasts both on cloud and on ground.


  • Air France

Photo Courtesy by business traveller.

Say au revoir to commercialized toothpaste and too small to brush toothbrushes with Paris’s state of the art transformative beauty line – Carita. Offering their La Premiere fliers with an A – list unisex leather-like amenity kit, guests can slide open this look alike jewelry box and try oneof four Carita skincare products including: “Crème des lagons” moisturizing cream, anti-fatigue eye patch, hand cream and a lip balm, and hydrating facial cleansers.



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