Olivela Gives Luxury Brands and Shoppers a Place to Support their Favorite Causes

#MakeItHappen with Olivela

The new ecommerce destination, Olivela, makes it easy to shop top luxury brands, while also giving back to those in need.

The ecommerce site offers women’s fashion, shoes and accessories, with beauty and fragrances launching soon, all with the added bonus of supporting important causes. Featuring an ever-growing list of designers including Christian Louboutin, Marc Jacobs and Carolina Herrera, this philanthropic shopping site is a game-changer.

Style-conscious goes hand-in-hand with socially-conscious, as a portion of the proceeds from each purchase goes directly to children’s causes.

With every purchase, “The Olivela Effect” shows the direct benefit that can be made for each item. Each and every purchase contributes a precise benefit through the work of Olivela’s charitable partners.

For example, new shoes may contribute over two weeks of health essentials, or a new purse may contribute over a month’s worth. Every purchase shows the direct, powerful impact that can be made, at no extra cost to the shopper.

Giving Back with Olivela

“When the whole world is silent, even one voice is powerful.” – Malala Yousafzai

Malala Yousafzai’s Malala Fund focuses on providing education for every girl in the world. Through purchases on Olivela, the Malala Fund can provide safe, quality schooling. This cause is dedicated to working for a world where all girls can learn and lead without fear.

So far, the impact of Olivela can be seen through providing over 10,500 days of school through the Malala Fund.

The cause Too Young To Wed helps to protect the rights of girls by delivering the message that every girl can decide for herself, if, when, and whom to marry. Around the world, millions of young girls are forced into marriage. Through this cause, health and hygiene kits are provided to girls in need, one important step in empowerment.

VH1 Save The Music Foundation’s goal is to make music and instruments an accessible part of every child’s education. Studies show that music education improves math and reading skills, and playing an instrument helps develop critical thinking and leadership skills. Proceeds for this cause help provide music lessons for students.

GOOD+ Foundation works with partners to provide children’s essentials to families in need. This life-changing support is key for millions of children who live below the poverty line. A purchase on Olivela can contribute to delivering essential items such as a crib, stroller or diapers.

“We help families see a brighter future, out of the cycle of poverty.” – Jessica Seinfeld

With Olivela, a combined love of designer fashion and giving back provides the perfect solution for those who are both fashionably- and socially-conscious. Visit Olivela online today to #MakeItHappen and support these important causes, all while indulging in some retail therapy!

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