Mod Pod With Fukunaga Launches Highly Anticipated First Season

It comes as no surprise that the woman behind two of the Baja California Sur´s most noteworthy companies is unstoppable. The latest revelation? Her podcast dubbed Mod Pod With Fukunaga. It´s exactly that – a modern podcast with the leading female entrepreneur – Vanessa Fukunaga. Starting this week, the podcast is now available and offers unique insights into the strength and pulse of the global luxury market. This is THE podcast that has everyone talking. Here´s why.

Vanessa Fukunaga, Owner, President | CEO of Engel & Völkers Snell Real Estate and Ocean Blue World invites the movers and shakers around the world for epic conversations on how they are topping the luxury market and using their craft, talent and influence to propose positive change and expansion. Followers will learn, laugh and be entertained with discussions on real estate, lifestyle, health, travel, architecture, fashion, beauty, technology, and absolutely e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g that moves the business world into high gear.

“Each episode will weave together industry experts and community leaders from Mexico´s fastest growing destination AND the hottest zip codes globally. Expect only the best on engaging dialogue set to inspire and motivate,” states Fukunaga.

Leading the charge, Fukunaga knows it takes everything to get to the top. Engel & Völkers Snell Real Estate is positioned as Mexico´s #1 luxury real estate brokerage, and the award-winning Ocean Blue World continues to experience phenomenal growth as the preferred platform of choice for connecting and networking with high-end clientele. The journey to reach success with her globally recognized companies takes perseverance, vision and confidence and Fukunaga is the thriving example of a high-ranking commander in chief who passionately works to push her companies forward into the future.

She´s smart, stylish and one of a kind. It´s life in the fast lane and there´s no stopping this trailblazer. Tune in to Mod Pod With Fukunaga and celebrate the strength and pulse of the luxury market and so, so much more.

Starting this week, the podcast is now available on; Spotify; Google Play; iHeart Radio; Amazon Music; TuneIn + Alexa; Instagram; YouTube and all major podcasts.


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